C. Revision history

C.1. Revisions

2002-08-15 Don't let people drive you crazy when you know it's in walking distance.

  • Split document in introduction and platform specific part. They are held together with relative HTML links.

  • Flushed revision history. Converting links in old entries is too much work.

  • Moved i386 development to Red Hat 7.3.

  • Started port to sparc-debian-linux.

  • Rework of document is in progress. "The magic of the Elf" and "The language of evil" are finished. All following chapters are probably broken.

2002-10-23 We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons on a Sun.

  • Started port to sparc-sunos5.7.

  • Ported all C++ code to plain C. Some hardware I'm working on is too slow.

  • Rewrote most of configure.pl. Package version and path detection works with rpm, dpkg, Slackware and SunOS.

  • Makefile does not require GNU make anymore.

  • Directory pre is directory src pre-processed with config.sed. In pre all program names are absolute. Magic numbers and platform specific constants are verbatim.

  • Lot's of changes about everywhere. Document is finished up to "Segment padding infection". All following chapters are probably broken.

2003-01-07 I'm not a nerd - I'm "socially challenged".

  • Rewrote segment scanner in C. Required changes to infector framework. Now supports 64-bit ELF.

  • Document is finished up to "Segment padding infection". All following chapters are probably broken.

2003-01-08 Quick!! Act as if nothing has happened!

  • Fixed embarrassing bug in table of used rpm packages.

2003-02-15 If you don't care where you are, then you ain't lost.

  • Systematic search for infection targets with scanner

  • Infecting both static and dynamic executables

  • Main development moved to i386-redhat8.0-linux

  • Document is finished up to "Additional Code Segment". All following chapters are probably broken.

C.2. Road map

Things that might make it into the document one day.

C.3. Random links